Today Ben Chifley is remembered in all sorts of ways in and around Bathurst.  The most important memories of Ben are those which were directly associated with him during his lifetime – these include his home and its original belongings in Busby Street, the engine he drove when he worked for the railways, and his grave in the Bathurst cemetery.   

Chifley has also be remembered through various memorials including a housing estate with its bronze bust of Ben located in West Bathurst, a stone sculpture memorial near the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre, and a pre-school named after his wife, Elizabeth.  There is also the Chifley Dam and businesses such as a hotel and a retirement village that have been named after him.



10 Busby Street
1. Chifley Home
(House Museum)
Ben Chifley Bust
2. Housing Estate &
Chifley Bust
Chifley gravesite
3. Bathurst
Chifley Gravesite
Chifley Engine
4. Chifley Engine
Chifley Memorial
5. Chifley Memorial
Lighthouse Lamp
6. Light on the Hill
Annual Dinner
Chifley Dam
7. Chifley Dam
Elizabeth Chifley Preschool
8. Elizabeth Chifley
Chifley Retirement Village
9. Chifley
Retirement Village
Chifley Motel
10. Chifley Motel
Chifley Hotel
11. Chifley Hotel
Lizzie's Restaurant
Chifley Street Sign
12. Chifley Place