Living in the 1940s is an education program designed for Human Society and Its Environment K – 6 together with Secondary History 7 -10.

Living in the 1940's - A Typical Wedding Image

Human Society and Its Environment K – 6

Using Prime Minister Ben Chifley and his home in Bathurst as the key focus - the themes developed here include:

  • Everyday life in the 1940s
  • Life in the home: household duties; cooking; changes in domestic technology and appliances
  • Using  artworks, artefacts and oral history as a means to discovering what life was like during this period

Secondary History 7 – 10

The main focus is how government, society, and war-time and post-war culture affected everyday day life for Australians. Themes include:

  • What is was like for the average Australian household after WWII
  • The continuing effects of rationing
  • Changes brought about by new technology and domestic appliances, and the influence of American commercialism 
  • The growing popularity of the car, and changes in entertainment, food and dress
  • The way Australian homes were designed and used