Household HintsAn easy way to clean a chenille bedspread, which is very difficult to handle on your own when wet, is to hang it on the line DRY, and hose it very thoroughly. Throw a couple of buckets of suds at it first if you like, then hose again. This will make your job easier, and it will dry bright and fluffy.

If boot polish is low and has gone dry, hold the tin over the steam of the boiling kettle to get the last morsel for your boots and shoes.

Recycling ClothesWhen choosing an iron, remember it is easier to achieve a good finish with one of reasonably heavy weight. It will also be less tiring to use, since the operator needs to use less pressure than with a lighter one.

Clothes pegs won't split if, when new, you boil them before using.

To whiten unbleached sheets boil them with a good tablespoon of turpentine added to the copper of water.

Keep the copper bright by drying first, then wiping out with a cloth dipped in kerosene. Prevents tarnish and marks on clothes.

Old bed sheets make excellent ironing board covers. A smooth ironing board cover is assured if you damp the cover material and sew on while still damp. It will shrink slightly, giving a smooth, taut fit.

Pillowcases always wear out in the middle. To patch, take a large man's hankie, even with a border, and stitch in place with corners pointing to top and bottom. Feather stitching takes away the effect of the patch.

Extend the life of worn sheets and towels by cutting and re-sewing the less worn outsides to form the middle.

Buy wool and knit jumpers and socks. Wool requires fewer coupons than buying ready made items. Unpick worn jumpers and re-nit in stripes or make a patchwork jumper for winter home wear, knitting spare squares and keeping them aside for patching the worn areas later on. This type of jumper lasts for years and never seems to date. Make a man's jumper in black and grey or black and white squares; children's in brighter colours.

A Home of My Own: handy hints and images from domestic life in Australia in the 1940's and 1950's Collected by Mary Murray. Mallon Publishing. Clifton Hill. 2001.
Polly Pennant's Helpful Hints for Housewives