Artist Biography

Janayah Christoff is currently studying a Masters of Secondary Education, specialising in Visual Arts at Charles Sturt University. Her artistic endeavours have resulted in the completion of a Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at The Riverina institute of TAFE from 2013 to 2015. Janayah continued her studies to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Charles Sturt University in 2016. She has exhibited at Gallery 43 in 2014 and 2015, showcasing her explorations of the world and identity. Janayah’s practice currently explores paint, charcoal and drawing but her love for all artistic forms will encourage further investigation of other mediums in future works.

Artist Statement

“You know, there really isn’t much that can’t be solved by a decent cup of tea” - Me before you, Jojo Moyes

Within the Chifley Home there was so much that inspired me within my artworks; the textures, the doilies, the recipes and most of all the idea of Mr and Mrs Chifley sitting down to a cup of tea with one of Mrs Chifley’s freshly baked recipes. Throughout the initial concept search, I kept returning to the tea cup object. I wished to incorporate the textural elements of the house as well as the recipes in the exploration of the tea cup form. Within my work I used a variety of mediums: acrylic paint, watercolour paint, mixed media and pastels as all of these elements provide such interest for me within my artist practice. The main theme I was exploring within my work was personal connection; through the idea of baking my Grandma’s recipes and sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea while indulging in the freshly baked goodies. My intention of the work was to explore all my favourite aspects of the Chifley Home through the humble tea cup.

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