Artist Biography

Emily Tavinor was born in Manly, Sydney (NSW) and grew up in Tweed Heads (NSW). Emily discovered a passion for art in the early years of high school after completing a re-creation of Albrecht Dürer’s, The Rhinoceros. Emily’s parents realised her potential and pushed her to further develop her skills. After completing a Bachelor of Art and Design from Southern Cross University Lismore, Emily enrolled into a degree of Secondary Education at Gold Coast SCU University and Charles Sturt University. She prefers the mediums of paint, drawing, and lino-cut. Currently studying and looking for opportunities to sell, she is beginning her passionate art story.

Artist Statement 

Initially inspired by the silhouette portrait of Chifley by S. John Ross, I aimed to assess the limits of what a silhouette can express. Influenced by Elizabeth Chifley’s silent virtues and the stern countenance of Ben Chifley, I began to investigate my personal feelings of oppression regarding female authority. Capturing the beauty and grace of the female body, while completely concealing personal identity through the image of a skull; creates a certain aura of enigma. The skull is extremely dissociative. When looking at a skull we are unable to pinpoint any sort of individuality because we of course, are all equivalent on the inside. On the exterior however, authority is viewed separately. This is conveyed through the pieces that involve a male and female in loving embrace. This image represents my own identity and experiences. In my relationship I feel valued, respected and equal. Yet, in some respects outside of my relationship, I feel lesser for being female. My career, my intelligence, my skill, my standard of beauty. All judged harsher than if I was male. Through depiction of comparison, I wish to be detached from such adverse connotations.

Title of Work: Year:
Behind Every Great Man 2019

Material: Dimensions:
Lino and Ink on Paper 46cm x 61cm (x3)

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