Artist Biography

Skye grew up on the Central Coast of New South Wales, and now lives in Hobart, Tasmania. The visual arts have always been a big focus of her life and she spent most of her teenage years painting, drawing, and studying with a local artist in his studio. She studied at several different universities over many years, working across diverse subjects from computer science to art history to design to mathematics to education. After graduating with a Bachelor of Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from CoFA, she worked for 15 years as a graphic and website designer. Over this time and juggling with running a business, raising a family, and travelling as often as possible, she began to work again on her art making practice. In the last 4 years she has established an emerging art practice and has participated in many exhibitions and completed commissions for individuals and corporations. Skye returned to university to study education through CSU in the hope of sharing her love and passion for the visual arts with students.

Artists Statement

It does not matter about persons like me who have our limitations is inspired by Ben Chifley’s suitcase, left empty and expectant on the wardrobe in the Chifley’s bedroom. The suitcase recalls ideas about travel, about memories and about the things that people choose to carry with them. I have just packed up my house and the lives of four people and we have moved interstate with just a car full of our things. Not quite just a suitcase, but close. The action of packing and of culling and of making choices about memory filled objects makes me feel lighter but also causes a bit of an ache in my belly. How do you choose memories? What is left behind when you leave? Does it matter if you keep objects or discard them? Are you discarding memories? Do they stay with you, just unnoticed now, or do they float around somewhere, formless and without a concrete object to connect itself too?

Through the artwork I kept the dimensions of the suitcase, human sized and personal, traced over layered and shifting depictions of Chifley’s life. I wanted to show elements of both Bathurst and Canberra, work and home, and how these places and experiences meet in the object of the suitcase. The works are drawn and erased, painted and traced over, exploring loss and memory. They show the outer armour of speeches and a well-worn suit of Chifley’s life and the shadows and glaring whiteness of what we know and don’t know about him. Ultimately, it questions what matters about the life of an individual and what traces they leave behind.

Skye Mescall
It does not matter about persons like me who have our limitations. (2019)
Series of 6 works
Watercolour, ink and charcoal on paper
Each 56 x 76cm

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