Artist Biography

Jonathon Ford is a Melbourne artist studying the Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) in Visual Art at CSU. Jonathan’s artistic endeavours begun at a very early age, often drawing portraits and cartoons as a young child into his teenage years. During high school Jonathon excelled in the Visual Arts and was exhibited at the Art Gallery of NSW for ArtExpress 2003 with a body of work comprising of etchings and linocuts. Following this, Jonathon then was accepted into the National Art School where he completed a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in printmaking while studying under some of Australia’s well-known artists . He continued to pursue an career in the Arts exhibiting in several group shows while attempting to find where he belonged and where he could make the most worthwhile contribution. After several years working in events and hospitality, Jonathon began his education career in Sydney before moving to Melbourne where he now lives with his wife. Jonathon continues to create, concentrating on painting and drawing and working towards a solo exhibition in 2021.

Artist Statement

One Book, A Thousand Stories is a triptych accompanied by a collaged sculptural element. The work was inspired by the Penguin book ‘The Crescent Moon’ found on the Chifley’s armchair. The work portrays how a book impacts on a person’s experience and how this concept has evolved over time. Through three panels One Book, A Thousand Stories expresses the importance of the written word, literature and newspapers during the early 20th century, being the main sources of media and information on current events at the time. Themes of storytelling, ownership and time are expressed through collage and drawn elements. There is a strong political component being displayed through the use of newspaper articles and cutouts, encouraging the viewer to look deeper into the images and decipher the words and articles chosen in the ransom note style. The concertina style presentation of the triptych was chosen to represent the style of artist books and displayed this way to show the different angles and perceptions people can have of the same story. The sculptural element sitting in the foreground of the triptych represents ‘the book’, ‘a story’ that can be interpreted by the reader and viewer, eliciting the idea that one book can have a thousand stories.

Jonathon Ford
Melbourne, VIC
One Book, A Thousand Stories
Mixed Media

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