Artist Biography

Danielle Livingstone was born in Lismore, NSW and spent her entire childhood in the area. Much of her time was spent exploring and adventuring around the Northern Rivers with friends and family. She enjoyed spending time in nature and lived a very care-free lifestyle.
Danielle’s love of the visual arts developed in late high-school and eventually led her to enrol in a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Southern Cross University, Lismore. It was during her time at university where she developed a true passion for the human body and explored many ways of representing its beauty and uniqueness. Danielle continues to work with the body in all areas of the visual arts.

Artist Statement

Initially inspired by the various mirrors found throughout the Chifley home, I began exploring what the mirror represents, particularly in today’s society so obsessed with self-image displayed on social media. I began researching the concept of narcissism and how it has been enhanced with the increasing use of social media, not only by individuals but businesses and companies too. This work aims not to draw attention away from the importance of self-love and respect, but more so aims to provoke a response by the viewer, and force them to ask questions surrounding body image, ideologies and promoting positivity on social media platforms.

Danielle Livingstone
Lismore, NSW
Mirror, mirror
Mixed Media (foam board, foil, photographs)

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