Artist Biography

Nadine Powell was born in Newcastle NSW, however currently resides in Sydney NSW. Her passion for art and creativity drove her to pursue a bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts. During her time at SCA, Nadine majored in Print Media however also learnt hot glass techniques and animation. For her final artwork, displayed in the 2018 Graduate exhibition at SCA Gallery, It Won’t Happen To Me was created using a candle and Perspex. Nadine continued her study at Charles Sturt, deciding to use her 3-year art experience to help and teach those in high school. Her work Iris is part of her Masters Degree in Secondary Teaching (Visual Arts). Iris is personal to Nadine; in most of her artworks they include the language of flowers however the iris and study of iridology allowed her to find solutions to her severe health issues in 2015.

Artist Statement

We try to maintain a state of happiness, however sometimes our other emotions attempt to break through. Our irises can display levels of stress as well as other health issues. Inspired by an ornate hairbrush, owned by Mrs Elizabeth Chifley, Iris explores the idea of the happiness and loneliness Elizabeth would have experienced due to her illnesses. This is explored through the language of flowers. The sunflower is a symbol of happiness, however the holes and breaks in the flower describe an imperfect state, where loneliness and sadness can break through. The flower is positioned and carved in such a way that resembles an iris.

2019, Mono Lino Print on Stonehenge Paper, 30cm x 30cm