Artist Biography

Stanley Jones is a digital artist hailing from the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.
Stanley has a background in Visual FX for film and television and holds a degree in Digital Media from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. The high standard set within the Visual Effects industry has nurtured Stanley’s artistic eye and technical skills, especially within the Digital Media realm. Stanley hopes to one day become a Visual Arts Teacher and help spread all the knowledge and experience he has had in both his professional and artistic career.

Artist Statement

Upon exploring the many items amongst The Chifley Home, it was the corrugated iron water tank which struck me. This material being so pivotal in Australian History, and very much iconic of our colonial Australian past.

As many artists before me, such as Jeffery Smart, Rosalie Gascoign and Jeff Thomspon I have also chosen this material as a centerpiece for my art exploration.

Within “Never Forget the Past” I have chosen to explore the material, and bring significance to it by taking it out of its normal context, so the material can be seen as if with new eyes. I have chosen to juxtapose this material, by ripping it out of its rural context and placing it with an urban setting. A purposeful subtext is also explored - that of urban decay within the iconic imagery of boarded up windows.

It was clear that corrugated iron was very important material at the time of Ben Chifley - since this time corrugated iron has certainly upheld its place within Australian history and culture and I hope to have added to this lexicon with this artwork.

Artwork Name: “Never Forget the Past”
Artist Name: Stanley Jones
Artist Location: Sydney, Australia
Medium: Digital Matte Painting
Software: Photoshop

Never Forget the Past