Artist Biography:

Shawnee Dean graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in painting from the Queensland College of Art in 2016. Shawnee works predominantly in oil and acrylic paint but in the past year has been exploring fibre art and the ancient craft of hand-weaving tapestries and baskets inspired by natural elements. Shawnee’s recent work focuses on how she perceives her culture as a Caucasian Australian and relates to native plants and elements of the land she lives on. Currently studying a Masters of Teaching on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Shawnee’s interest in teaching Visual Art was sparked by a 3 month program in India being a volunteer English and Art teacher.

Artist Statement:

As the title suggests, the painting ‘Two moments, no time’ illustrates flowers in two separate vases presumably from different times and contexts but merged together to form a single image. The artist aims to blur the lines between now and then by joining the vases this way in order to feel closer to people from the past, through the familiarity of common-place objects and the ambiguity of the location and time of these objects in the painting. The purposeful use of simplistic forms and an unfinished look in certain areas, coupled with a warm yellow wash over the entire painting, adds to the unity of the two vases while a clear division is still physically made through the use of line, colour and the opposite directions of the shadows. The flower vases don’t represent the functionality of objects, but the sentimental values and character embedded in items we choose to decorate our homes with. These items are reflections of the person who chose them, and the audience is sure to resonate with this notion and view this painting subjectively.

Two moments, no time
acrylic on canvas
51cm x 61cm
Gold Coast, Queensland

Two Moments No TimeTwo Moments No Time