Artist Biography:

Art in its various forms has always played a vital role within my life. As a young child I took shelter of the creative process to express my most inner feelings and thoughts. After finishing school I attended Sydney College of the Arts, majoring in Sculpture Performance and Installation. This was a great transition into a multi discipline exploration of the creative process, technical development and an in depth understanding of the critical and historical aspects of Visual Art. As a musician and dancer, I have incorporated many elements of the arts into performance and in all reality, life and art are really one and the same for me. Conceptuality is the basis for most of my creations, a personal exploration on particular topics as they arise. Carl Jung a particular inspiration for me.

After completing a Bachelor of Primary Education and further studies including Art Therapy, I took on the role as an art therapist, helping others to explore the unconscious mind through the art making process. Art as therapy – Art in therapy I really took the creative process seriously, my finest creations undoubtedly the 6 amazing children I birthed. Having all this experience with child rearing I returned to High School teaching and have been in the role of Art and Music teaching for the past 3 years.

This is my purpose.. To educate young people in the art making process, give purpose to their creativity, technical development, and refinement, dovetailing the importance of art history and critical thinking to give meaning and satisfaction to life.

Artist Statement:

The artwork I have created explores the connection between living ones purpose, authenticity, dedication and a strong sense of humanity.

After visiting the Chifley Home and Educational centre in person, the story and image that stood out for me was the bathroom at the rear of the house. The story told is that Ben, so dedicated to his purpose gave audience to residents of Bathurst, aiding and supporting them with their concerns while he was in the bath.

Growing up in Bathurst, I was always fascinated that the prime minister of Australia lived in this town. Many connections including my mother had lived 3 houses up when Elizabeth was still alive, I was in Chifley sporting House, and went to school with his brothers grandchildren.

My artwork depicts Ben in the bath, still wearing his hat. There are many photographs of Ben while acting in his role as prime minister wearing this hat. This represents his commitment to his job, service and purpose as prime minister of Australia. The door is open, suggesting that Ben always left his door open to the issues of the people. On personal reflection, I am exploring the connection between my aim to live an authentic life, fulfilling mypurpose, being dedicated to embrace all that is me and my role in this life.

The Authentic Man

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