Artist Biography:

My passion for Arts began as a child in art classes and through to my HSC. I was involved in two courses that contributed to my HSC that ran at the National Art School. My major work was selected to be exhibited in art express. After completing high school I attended COFA and studied a bachelor of fine arts, majoring in painting and drawing. I completed a major work based off evolution, drawing 6 large grotesque organisms, receiving a HD. I then put my creative studies aside and studied a masters in primary education. I have since worked casually at primary schools and high schools. Returning to my own high school re-ignited my love of art. I decided to undergo a degree secondary visual arts and learn along the way. I am currently in a secondary position in visual arts, photography, geography and digital technology.

As an artist, experimentation is central to my working process. I love to find and collect materials and incorporate re-cycled or re-purposed materials into my work. Often the materials at hand become the starting point for a piece that emerges and evolves into a series that expands on the original experiment. This work evolved over a couple of months, I became fascinated by the process of art making on unusual materials, using hand or machine stitching, gluing, printing, mark making and drawing to create two dimensional pieces. The process of layering and printing intrigues me. I love the accidental marks and textures that are created. Anything natural and organic inspires me. My own artist practise stems from a love of drawing and painting that is inspired by botanical, entomological and anatomical subjects. My work is often made up of a variety of materials and techniques to create intriguing and sometimes grotesque pieces.

Artist Statement:

The drinking of tea is the medium of many complex layers. It was a commonplace ritual in early Australian culture and is instrumental in people together, providing a platform for sharing and communication. In the past a china tea set was a symbol of status, today it holds a different meaning. Tea, when it is offered, symbolically generates an air of togetherness and forms social connections. ’Tea connections’ was inspired by investigations into Elizabeth Chifley. The fine china tea set in the Chifley home is described as regularly used. There was a sense of homeliness that came with entering the Chifley’s cottage. Mrs Chifley would always offer guests a homemade slice of cake or a biscuit and tea. The teacup used as a tool of sociable mediation between her and her guests and was a starting point for conversation, providing a sense of comfort. As a first lady, Elizabeth embodied and used domesticity, femininity, and openness as a means of respectability. The investigation of tea drinking made a personal connection with my family, as we own a mismatched fine china tea collection passed down from my great grandmother.

From past to present the hands that have held tea cups connect like an ephemeral link that echo from the past. The ghostly stains that form this piece symbolically link the drawn teacup Elizabeth Chifley holds, as it is reminiscent of my great grandmothers tea cup and saucer. ‘Tea connections’ evolved from my collection of tea bags were collected from family, friends and work, to communicate a sense of connectedness with my environments. Further, each bag is uniquely marked and hand sewn together, signifying that social fabric of the relationships they come from. The organic line unifies the sewing and floral notes that connect all three pieces and reiterate a symbol of femininity. The tea cup and saucer and collages are depicted in drawings are my great grandmothers tea set. The use of used materials, organic patterns and markings and textural elements implies a sense of narrative.

Title- Tea connections
Materials- tea bags, ink, pencil, charcoal, thread

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