Artist Biography:

My name is Anabel Malcolm, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Teaching (Visual Arts) at Charles Sturt University. I completed my Undergraduate degree at the University of Wollongong in a Bachelor of Creative Arts in 2017. From a young age I have been drawing and painting people, which has evolved into a passion for the arts.

Throughout my University career, I have been practicing artmaking as a hobby, completing various small commissions. Now I am focusing on my teaching career and inspiring the younger generations to love and cherish visual arts. Recently I have moved back to my home town, Cowra, where I wish to pursue my visual arts teaching career and make a positive impact on the quality of rural education.

Artist Statement:

This body of work was constructed in response to the ‘Port’ object which is an artefact found in the Chifley Home and Education Centre. I immediately made the connection between the image of the suitcase-like object and my family. Like Ben and Elizabeth Chifley, my family, The Devery’s, used ports for various tasks, such as travel, school and work. I was intrigued by this object as I have previously conducted a case study on an old fashioned port, and wanted to see if I could take it further.

The three ports each belonged to a family member who either lived or had a connection to the 1940s. Each port tells a tale about the owners lives and how they utilised the item.

Margaret’s- my grandmother- port tells the story of her college life in Wollongong, NSW. John’s- my grandfather- port contains an endless supply of shoe polishing equipment which he used to polish the farm, work and schools shoes each day.Theresa’s- my great aunt- port oddly holds unwashed chat potatoes. As a child, Theresa would often follow her mother during the day, including waiting at the tennis courts. While she waited, she peeled potatoes with innocent joy- not a hobby child would usually be doing today!

Inside the lid of each port hangs a hand-drawn portrait of the owners how they look today.
I have used a dry on dry water colour and mixed media approach. Using charcoal and black marker, I created darker tones to reflect the aging of the object, person and passing of time.

‘Looking Forward-Looking Back’
Drawing and mixed media
55cm x 33cm x 36cm
27cm x 22cm x 30cm
32cm x 24.5cm x 39cm

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