Artist Biography:

I've always been very creative and loved making art.  I graduated from a Bachelor of Acting (Screen and Stage) in Wagga Wagga in 2015 and continued in completing my Master of Teaching (Secondary) with a first teaching area in Drama and a second teaching area in the Visual Arts.  I'm looking forward to developing a meaningful career where I get to explore my passion and provide a platform for students to develop and harness theirs.

Artwork: 1/1 Like Clockwork

Oil Paints on Canvas

The most prominent influence is that of time; some things may change, others may remain the same or they can reappear as if in a dream.  This artwork was inspired by several sentimental objects within the Chifley Household.  These objects evoke memories of past times but also provide a connective cord towards our current state of being through the inheritance of a rich family orientated history.

Ben Chifley's lighthouse provided a foundation for the seascape.  It, amongst the other timeless artefacts hightlight detailed craftsmanship and preservation through maintenance by a new generation of individuals.

My greatest source of stimulation came from my own family heirloom, a Grandfather clock. I imagine that for Ben and Elizabeth Chifley in their household, the mesmerising sound of the chimes from their mantel clocks informed them of the hour at night in a cyclical imprint.

My artist influences for this artwork consist of; Salvador Dali and Gyuri Lohmuller.

When observing this artwork, my hope is for the audience to feel a sense of nostalgia with their own childhood imigination and associations.

Cassandra Wynan Day PaintingCassandra Wynan Day PaintingCassandra Wynan Night PaintingCassandra Wynan Night Painting