Artist Biography:

After completing my Bachelor of Arts: Animation & Visual Effects in 2009, I began lecturing at CSU in the specialised field of 3D computer animation and have done so for seven years. In 2014 I completed my Masters of Arts Practice: specialising in animation. In 2015 I decided to add another string to my bow and undertake the Bachelor of Teaching Secondary - Specialising in Visual Arts and Design & Technology. Outside of university I have worked as a freelance animator and graphic designer within advertising, animation, and have run community art education workshops within the Wagga Wagga region. I am a short film maker specialising in 3D animation and have screened multiple of my short animated films in Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF). As a part of this exhibition I have enjoyed focusing on a single frame to tell a story as opposed to the moving image I am accustomed to.

Artwork: 1/1 'Working Skywards'

Computer Generated 3D Imagery

The focus object for my artwork was the Trunk at the Chifley home (that belonged to Elizabeth Chifley). As soon as I began to ruminate upon what a travelling trunk can mean to a person, I came to realise how intrinsically linked a sturdy trunk such as this could be to a person and their life's journeys. A trunk that had belonged to Ben Chifley could have been with him from his humble origins of being a cleaner and a train driver, all the way to the Prime Ministership of Australia. If only the trunk could talk.

This artwork is titled 'Working Skywards', and represents a man of humble origins, of the working class, who worked his entire life to reach the pinnacle of Australian politics. The artwork is set from the perspective of the inside of the travelling trunk looking skyward, and each element within the work is arranged in order of his life, the bottom being the beginning and top being the end. On the walls from the bottom to the top are remnants of major moments signposted by himself throughout his life, be it objects, newspapers, or photographs. At the bottom of the trunk are the root elements that made Chifley who he was, his books for which he was an avid reader, his train drivers uniform, his cleaners equipment, and as the image moves toward the light at the top, the objects represent his later achievements. The artwork also shows the changing tides of the Australian flag throughout Chifley's life, and in the final moments, in the brightest of lights, is the Australian flag as we know it today, the blue ensign which Chifley Supported shortly before his death. As the final objects are added to the Trunk we see it is the end of Chifley's life, with a newspaper of the day, his hat, and his pipe falling as the only moving objects in the image, a life ended unexpectedly.

Matt Barron Working Skywards