Artist Biography:

Currently residing in Clovelly in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. I have moved around a lot with my family when I was younger and mainly grew up in England. Art has always been that one constant, that one thing that was always there for me and I couldn’t imagine my life not in the creative sector. I’ve been back in Australia for the past 6 years and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at COFA, University of New South Wales in 2014, majoring in painting and drawing. I have continued to explore different processes of art making by developing and expanding my art skills and knowledge. I love travelling and the way you can take aspects of art away from everywhere you visit through different cultures and experiences. These go on to spark ideas for artistic development. I commenced studying a Bachelor of Teaching at Charles Sturt University beginning of this year. I feel art plays a big role in the preparation of students for life and I look forward to passing my passion for art on to my students.


Through The Window: The Butterfly Effect

Mixed media – collage, acrylic, charcoal, pencil, pen

Time and space, is a recurring theme in art whereby artists relate to, understand, and appreciate life’s beauty. My paintings aim to convey our relationship with our world and its influence on our identity in place and time. Through this work I am trying to portray a sense of hope within our environment while also showing our destruction and isolation from it. The fragile nature of life is shown through the intricate sketches and lace on top of the chaotic splatters of paint. The use of mixed media creates physical layers within the work highlighting how we destruct and destroy our surroundings through time but the butterfly represents the hope of getting through it again. The layout of the four paintings represents a window to capture moments in time. We look to how everything is changing from then and now but is it really? My artwork originated from the clocks found at the education centre of the Chifley Home in Bathurst. From the starting point “the clock” I went to time, changes and then on to reoccurring events. The four pieces I have created are representing the view through a window in which we look out to the world at the current state and how we see hope through history repeating itself. One of the pieces symbolises the war cycle in effect. Kim Jong-Un’s missile testing relates back to how Kim Jong-Il developed Korea into a nuclear state post cold war era. This shows through one panel how history is repeating itself. It’s very obvious how global warming is affecting our planet but we continually do the same things that are damaging over and over again. This leads to the various natural disasters that are on a continual occurrence cycle; such as, Hurricane Irma. Another area I have represented is how Donald Trump has been held as an appointed leader, be it purposeful or not, for the white supremacy rebirth. Finally, another current matter that is all over the media at the moment is the same-sex marriage vote. I feel that all the current events I have chosen relate back to aspects of the Chifley’s lives whereby they lived through World War II, disastrous bushfires, floods and earthquakes, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi period as well as women’s rights and freedom of speech.

Sammy Williams Through the Window The Butterfly EffectSammy Williams Through the Window The Butterfly Effect