Artist Biography:

“I am a father of two kids under ten, who loves movies, cartoons and gadgets.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to sketch, watch cartoons and play with action figures.

These passions lead me to a career in Graphic Design and I’ve been lucky enough to have a career spanning almost twenty years.

As time progressed I found myself in more leadership roles where the focus was on developing junior designers. By sharing my knowledge and passion I realised that I enjoyed educating staff more than working with clients.

After this light bulb moment I shifted my career path towards education and over the past five years I have been teaching within the Vocational Education and Training sector and running small workshops for secondary school students.

Currently I am studying a Masters of Teaching (Secondary) in a hope to be able to contribute further to the development of future visual designers.”

Artist Statement:

“Looking through the Chifley Home I was instantly drawn to the silhouette portrait of Ben Chifley. It reminded me of flat vector graphics which I often use.

The nature of this simple portrait was also appealing to my inner designer. Like logo design you are confronted with representing many different attributes within a single image.

This object and the underlying family values displayed within the Chifley Home would be the inspiration for my works.
‘Child’s Play’ examines the influence of modern culture on young girls.

Using digital photography and image creation techniques I ask the question; What are the effects of constant exposure to female stereotype on young girls?”

Each image represents a persona shown in mainstream media and questions the outcomes when young girls seek to emulate such stereotypes.”

Martin Garoni Cow GirlMartin Garoni Cow Girl

Martin Garoni DaisyMartin Garoni Daisy

Martin Garoni FairyMartin Garoni Fairy

Martin Garoni PrincessMartin Garoni Princess

Martin Garoni SuperheroMartin Garoni Superhero

Martin Garoni TrollsMartin Garoni Trolls