Artist Biography:

Currently living in north-west of Sydney and working in a high school as a SLSO. I migrated to Australia in 2001. Soon after I started my family and totally lost touch with my passion ART.

I have completed my B.A in arts and M.A in Visual arts/graphic design from one of North Indian universities. I came from a family of engineers and doctors and my choice of being an artist was surprise to everyone in the family. Parents were supportive after I won several state and district awards in my age group. I have enrolled 3years back in CSU to convert my passion into a profession.


The Chiefly Home is very inspirational to make this idea “Making Connections” a success, graphite 700x500 mm, photo (2017).
It feels like my own space and personally I feel connected to the house. It brings back my childhood memories of my Nan’s house.... high ceilings and similar power points/electrical fittings. Rug in the living room represents my cultural origin. Cords are used as metaphor to represent a connection between past and present.

I hope onlookers will appreciate a connection that I tried to make between Chiefly house in my art work.

Final work - “Making Connections”

Kiran Kaur Making ConnectionsKiran Kaur Making Connections