Artist Biography:

Currently spending a year abroad in London, I am studying, working and travelling with my Husband. I realised some time ago that to work in a field you love could encourage consistent drive and personal fulfilment. Studying photography helped me turn a creative passion into something more than just a hobby. I have always sought photography work in the rural town I grew up in. I worked for local papers, wedding photographers and I even spent some time shooting school photos. This all accumulated with study and the move to Sydney to attended Sydney College of the Arts. I believe these experiences have all developed me into the creative thinker I am today and I choose consciously to add to my repertoire in Visual arts. I hope that moving forward I will be able to develop a greater understanding of how to assist my students to develop in the field of Visual Arts. Ideally this will result in them rivalling my passion and zest for learning and working in Visual arts.

Artist Statement:

"A reflection in time and lace"
Digital photography

A reflection in time and lace is influenced by the ornate mirror and brush set from the dressing table of Elizabeth Chifley.

I chose these objects for the story they tell about the life and meaning of Elizabeth Chifley as well as the life of a woman, both in the 40's and in their experiences over time.

A structured lace pattern represents the way looking in the mirror and using these tools for beauty, can build up a pressure on women. The expectation to look a certain way and maintain a certain standard of "beauty". This particular standard may have changed since Elizabeth's time but societies attitude towards appearance, if anything, has taken on greater importance.

The story of these objects is told through 4 self-portraits. The four images representing a life cycle, the four seasons, four directions, four elements and four corners of the earth. The lace within these portraits represent the imprinting of the mirror and brush. The design on their back becoming more and more a part of the skin and hair with every brush and every gaze. Whether voyeuristic or practical the imprint progresses and strengthens over time, representing a net of control over women. The lace within the images signifies the pressures placed on women in regard to beauty and aging. As time passes, the lace hardens the expression as it becomes more prominent.

The first image is front facing, representing a mirror reflection for the viewers position when looking at image one. Each portrait is in a pitch-black setting, creating a hovering, object like effect to the portrait. Each portrait rotating as if it the subject only exists for the viewers pleasure. As the image rotates the lace impression grows more prominent.

The work in total is a representation of the fragility of women's self-image, a reflection of the ways it may be different from then to now and the many ways it is the same.

Jenna Walsh Project 1A reflection in time and lace - Jenna Walsh

Jenna Walsh Project 2A reflection in time and lace - Jenna Walsh

Jenna Walsh Project 3A reflection in time and lace - Jenna Walsh

Jenna Walsh Project 4A reflection in time and lace - Jenna Walsh