Artist Biography:

At the ripe age of 40 and as a single mother Rebecca Cross gained her Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts through Great Lakes TAFE and in 2016 completed her Fine Arts Degree at Charles Sturt University. Currently Rebecca is studying Masters of Education Fine Arts. Rebecca says that if social statement paid her bills it would be her first career choice although becoming a Fine Arts teacher has been her dream since completing year twelve a long time ago.

Artist Statement:

‘War of Words’ is a digital image representing Rebecca Cross’s view on the same sex marriage debate and how it is being covered on social media. Rebecca was raised a Catholic and has grown tired of the constant insults thrown at her religion. As a Catholic Rebecca firmly believes that marriage is the union of man and woman. Rebecca saw an alarming trend on Facebook where anyone who showed any inkling towards the no vote was being attacked with debate, anger and lack of respect yet anyone who was voting yes was openly accepted and cheered for their bravado.

Rebecca created an experiment on her Facebook page by posting a strong video for the no vote. This post alone attracted over one hundred comments all pushing the yes vote agenda. This social media experiment provided the direct inspiration for the 'War of Words'.

The old pedal sewing machine ties this theme to the Chifley home because it houses the thread that goes through the machine and ultimately seals the relationship between two pieces of material. Another thread connection is the expression “tie the knot” referring to the marriage of a male and female.

Rebecca Cross Same sex marriage debate out of controlRebecca Cross Same sex marriage debate out of control