Artist Biography:

I'm studying Bachelor of Visual Arts/Secondary Ed at SCU. I'm very excited to start teaching Visual Arts.

Artist Statement:

Artwork Title: Travelling through time

The suitcase to me instantaneously made me question the past.. What was happening in the past at the time of Ben Chifley?, where was he?, where did he go?, and who arrived at his presence? This artwork portrays a lot of theoretical significance and connotations of Australian history, culture and emotion. I created a triptych to represent the three stages of Australian history after WWII. I chose the colours red, white and blue to symbolise the Australian flag; and chose to link each panel together by 'chains' to represent the connection to each time period. Each panel displays child-like images to convey a symbolic narrative for the viewer (just as the Ben Chifley Home is an educational museum to many), in this case my artwork has a cross-curriculum significance of both art and history. The first panel carries strong negative emotions emphasising the time period just after the war, I chose the colour red to express anger, distress and decay. I also let watercolour paint run so it symbolises 'tears'. The second panel represents change and the reconstruction period in Australia and the part Ben Chifley played as the Prime Minister i.e. overseas immigrants and the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Scheme.

Rachele Gifford Travelling Through Time BenedictRachele Gifford Travelling Through Time Benedict

Rachele Gifford Travelling Through Time JosephRachele Gifford Travelling Through Time Joseph

Rachele Gifford Travelling Through Time ChifleyRachele Gifford Travelling Through Time Chifley