Artist Biography:

I am currently a bilingual in French and English studying a master of teaching at CSU. My passion is to transmit my knowledge to future generation especially within a context of learning from multimodal nature of text meaning that visual component is a massive part of it. I graduated in Fine Arts and Visual culture at Curtin University and besides aspiring to become a visual art teacher, my aim is to also keep an eye on digitalised art form, hence contemplating some further studies in design.

Artist Statement:

Working with mixed media allows for a wide range of textural variances in my composition especially when combining oil and acrylic water based medium.To that I also enjoy the deliberate sharp edges using masking tape and mark making with pen or markers which bring to the images that kind of street Art.

With the work on Ben Chifley, I imagine a world of representation based on the temporariness and modularity of the scenery. The scenery will be a reminiscence of places visited by Ben such as the old Parliament house or the Chifley home itself. This approach will end up in many ways of me using muted and highly monochromic colours to achieve a picture with a memory or nostalgic ascent. Furthermore, the
Representation enable the use of traditional mark making employed in the context of an era marked by an emergence of technology.

Final composition
Pierre, L. Untitled,(2017) Mixed Media(Acrylic, oil,spray) on canvas,130x130cm

Lino Pierre