Artist Biography:

23, raised in Tamworth and now living in Northern NSW. I began Visual arts and Education study as soon as I left high school, so I still feel like I am finding my artistic feet. I haven’t found my style yet but have been experimenting and exploring with anything I can get my hands on. I am influenced by passion, emotions, relationships and family. I believe art is about seeing the beauty in everything, and learning to look for beauty where others may not.

Artist Statement:

Fire is destructive, chaotic, unrelenting; fire is beautiful, mesmerising, enchanting. Fire brings people together, and fire tears them apart.
As humans, we are drawn to chaos if there is a glimmer of chance that we can control it.
In a fireplace, we contain a small piece of chaos in our very own living rooms.
And then we gather around it for warmth and safety.

The fireplace in the Chifley home inspired me to explore the nature of fire and the ways we control it to benefit our lives.
The trails of the flame leave behind a delicate soot that I used to carve out images and impressions that represent the human interaction with fire. It seems I can guide the flame where I want it to go, but ultimately, I am the spectator – I am the one going along for the ride.

Ember Fire Ashes (2017)
Soot and adhesive on posterboard
Approx. 25cm x 20cm (varying sizes)

Alexandra Mann 1Alexandra Mann - Ember Fire Ashes

Alexandra Mann 2Alexandra Mann - Ember Fire Ashes

Alexandra Mann 3Alexandra Mann - Ember Fire Ashes

Alexandra Mann 4Alexandra Mann - Ember Fire Ashes

Alexandra Mann 5Alexandra Mann - Ember Fire Ashes

Alexandra Mann 6Alexandra Mann - Ember Fire Ashes