Artist Biography:

Kristie-Lee Lucas attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Culture through Curtin University in 2014, and has since been working toward a degree in Education; allowing her to share her love of Art, History, Culture and Learning with secondary students.

Artist Statement:

The Chifley Home and Educational Centre has provided inspiration and focus for this portrait piece, 'Power Couple', 2017, graphite on paper, 594 x 841 mm (photo).

Working with traditional media and methodology has allowed this work to convey the nostalgia associated with the past, and lends credibility to the subject matter; moving the piece beyond absurd or surreal.

A concept driven response, the egg-beater, which acted as the inspiration for the creative response, provides metaphorical context for the significantly rigid socio-political roles and expectations of both Ben and Elizabeth Chifley in their time as Australia's leading couple.

Kristie Lucas - Ben and ElizabethKristie Lucas - Ben and Elizabeth