Biography: My interest in art is the one constant in my life, it follows me no matter where I am.It started as soon as I could hold a pencil. Growing up I was fortunate enough to be encouraged and given lots of opportunities in studying various creative arts. I continued my interest into university completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I then pursued travel, work and other studies till I decided to combine my love art with my enjoyment of teaching. So here I am midway through a Masters of Teaching.

Artwork 1/1 One step, two step, up one, two, three…

(5 photos) Textiles; wooden blanket, jacquard woven cotton table cloth, cotton thread

I make art as a way of expressing my emotions or reactions to relationships or events in my life.

My art making process allows me to explore and process emotionally things that hang in the back of my mind. This artwork was inspired by the life and times Elizabeth Chifley and how her circumstances paralleled that of my grandmother. I am exploring my experience of loss, through my relationship and memories I have of my grandmother and the role of women in the home.

My blanket is the aesthetic response to exploring my emotions and a visual representation of memories, made tangible through the quilted and embroidered imagery which expresses a range of my emotions including; love, loss, nostalgia, happiness….

In trying to express how I feel, I created my own visual language by collecting a variety of magazine images, photographs and appropriated artworks that I identify with. I turn these images into my own stylised line drawings which I then recontextualise onto the blanket through free machine embroidery. I have created a celebration of a memories through delicate stitched lines and tangled threads, with sad undertones that reflects my loss.

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