Biography: I am an artist who currently resides on the Gold Coast in Australia. My recent focus with my art has been to work in acrylics on canvas and express my Christian faith through those works. With this project I have been able to focus on the concept of light out of darkness. My intent is to continue to work with this concept, which I have considered in the past, as I feel I have successfully managed to bring this concept to a place of resolution through this body of work.

Artwork 1/1 Light out of Darkness

(5 photos) Acrylic paint on canvas boards mounted on canvas

In this recent body of work, I have explored the idea of light coming out of darkness and have brought forth a series of four paintings that express the essence of Ben Chifley’s speech ‘Light on the hill’ made in 1949. Chifley’s speech was influenced by the Biblical verse Matthew 5:14, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.”

Chifley’s speech together with the object of the lighthouse in the Chifley Home challenged me to explore the idea of using acrylic paints on a black background to conceptualise the intent of both the speech and the lighthouse. I consider that the intention of both is to create new conditions that take a person from danger to safety therefore offering betterment of life for mankind.

The work is strong through the structural frame as it references Biblical symbols. Blue for heaven, green for prosperity, gold for kingship, white for purity and black for death. The number four is for creation. The four paintings are presented in a vertical ascending order to represent the traditional structure of a lighthouse.

Image 1