Biography: I've always loved art and creating – in any medium. Growing up, I always had it in the back of my mind that I might enjoy teaching one day so after studying a Bachelor of Arts in Television Production and working for 4 years in that field I decided it was time to study again and am now well on the way to becoming a Visual Arts teacher.

Artwork 1/1 Web of Memories

(5 photos) Installation consisting of wool and aluminium alloy

This installation piece represents the tight knit community or 'web' of people that surrounded Elizabeth Chifley for her whole life. The colours I have chosen are taken from inside the Chifley Home, they bring something usually forgotten into a new light. I have chosen to physically represent my object of knitting needles by creating large scale aluminium needles from melted aluminium – reminiscent of aluminium recycling during wartime of lesser needed objects, which contributed to the war effort.

During the creation of the web I was able to experience a meditative state brought on by the repetitiveness of the project, which may have been something felt by women knitting for the WWII effort, continuously repeating the same patterns to churn out needed objects. I have also likened my process to that of women creating camouflage nets for tanks in WWII. Although a web is usually meant to be invisible to the enemy like camouflage, it is a thing of beauty.

I have been inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's natural creations as well as various yarn bombers.

While observing this piece, my hope is for the audience to recall their own memories of knitting and connectedness.